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One of the leading Indian Cognex Technologies portals, Cognex Technologies offers you the opportunity to enjoy transport facility with the simple click of a button. Enjoy a hassle-free online truck transport facility at the best rates when you avail our logistic service that is here to aid you by picking loads and delivering the same across different locations in India.

Book a Truck is a breakthrough e-platform for Logistics Ecosystem. It enables a disruptive pricing mechanism and delivers reliable Transport & allied services to its customers. The platform generates efficiencies for all stakeholders in the Value Chain. All stakeholders involved in the Transport value chain such as Transporters, Brokers, Fleet owners, Large-Medium-Small Enterprises, will be benefited from this innovative platform. The solution offers unique benefits to even Drivers / Operational staff.

We offer one-stop solution for all your value added services such as Transit / Marine Insurance, GPS Tracking, Fleet-Management services. Register here for any enquiry of these services and subscribe to our newsletter for latest offerings.

The company is backed up by in-depth professional experience in Logistics and Supply chain. We bring on table the combination of youth, experience and global best practices. 

We are a committed bunch of professionals, set to deliver value for you… beyond Transportation.

When we commit to deliver a load, we do it. No Excuses.

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